About Jonathan

Jonathan Ash-Edwards has been selected by Hertfordshire Conservatives as their candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner on Thursday 2nd May, following the decision of David Lloyd to stand down after 12 years' service.

The son of a chartered accountant and teaching assistant, Jonathan wasn't born into politics. His upbringing instilled into him the importance of a good education, family, working hard to build a career and contributing to community.

Highly committed to public service, Jonathan first got into politics when Gordon Brown’s Government tried to close the hospital in the town he grew up in, and helped local MPs lead the successful campaign to prevent the closure.

Jonathan then served as a local Councillor in Sussex for 16 years, including as a Council Leader, as well as founding an education trust now responsible for the education of over 3,500 young people.

Jonathan chaired a high performing Community Safety Partnership for four years, giving him a significant insight into effective strategies for crime prevention and tackling anti-social behaviour.

Through his work with Sussex PCC Katy Bourne, Jonathan has a strong understanding of the role of Police & Crime Commissioner and how the role can be used to deliver effective and efficient policing.

Alongside his public service, Jonathan is a serial business builder, creating jobs and delivering great services. He started his first business at the age of 24 and now leads a company delivering major projects to clients across a range of sectors. Jonathan has also worked in education in Hertfordshire.

Hertfordshire means a lot to Jonathan. It’s where he met his partner who is Herts born and bred and Jonathan now lives in the county with his family.

Jonathan said:

“I am delighted to have been selected to stand for election as Police & Crime Commissioner. Setting the strategic policing priorities on behalf of the public, holding the Chief Constable to account and setting a £294m annual budget is a big job and it matters who does it.

“I pay tribute to David Lloyd on his considerable service and achievement in the last 12 years. David has delivered the highest number of police officers in Hertfordshire’s history, with one of the lowest council tax precepts. Hertfordshire remains one of the safest places in the country.

“I have a clear plan to build on David’s achievements. My public service leadership experience makes me well placed to serve Hertfordshire residents. If elected I’ll work to ensure the record officer numbers translate into the visible and responsive neighbourhood policing we all want to see. I’ll support Hertfordshire Constabulary to be tough on crime and provide effective, value for money policing. I want every family in Hertfordshire, including my own, to be able to grow and thrive in a safe community”.

David Lloyd, retiring Herts PCC, said:

“I’m delighted that Jonathan has been chosen as our candidate. His understanding of local government and excellent leadership skills mark him out as likely to be a brilliant PCC. He will set a plan and budget based on the sound Conservative principles of lower crime, stronger neighbourhood policing and value for money. I am sure those values will be endorsed by the people of Hertfordshire”.